Want Car Covered Insurance When Flooding, Peek Additional Costs

Want Car Covered Insurance When Flooding, Peek Additional Costs

When floods occur, vehicle insurance is able to ease the burden of loss in the event of damage or loss.

However, the expansion of insurance needs to be done by vehicle owners if their favorite cars want to get protection from disasters, such as floods.

“The name is extended collateral, because the standard for comprehensive insurance and TLO is not covered . Customers can ask for an extension or endorsement to the insurance. Some insurance companies have bundled the policy including this extension,” said Communication & Event Manager of PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Garda Oto ), Laurentius Iwan Pranoto to Liputan6.com , Monday (1/6/2020).

When alluding to the expansion costs that need to be incurred, Iwan stressed the vehicle owner only needs to add 0.3 percent of the price of coverage.

“Make sure and check again the coverage if it includes expansion of natural disaster insurance. If you want to add approximately 0.3 percent of the price of coverage ,” he said.

The owner does not need to worry
In addition, Iwan emphasized that the owner of the vehicle did not have to dismantle his vehicle or attempt to repair it in the event of a flood damage.

“If there is coverage , submerged cars don’t have to try to be mechanical because they can get worse. After all, insurance is covered too. Just call insurance for claims and the car is carried to the garage,” he said.