Mode of Luxury Car Owners Damaging Their Own Vehicles

Mode of Luxury Car Owners Damaging Their Own Vehicles to Get Insurance Claims

Circulating news there are owners of luxury cars who deliberately damage their own vehicles in order to get the right to claim insurance. The modes are varied, and one of them is an accident, the car is lost and taken away by the driver.

Explained by Communication & Event Manager of PT Asuransi Astra Buana, this incident of fraud had never happened in Garda Oto. However, if cases of inconsistent claims are added, it often happens.

Usually it is the collaboration of unscrupulous surveyors and workshops. If that happens, everything will be in accordance with the Indonesian motor vehicle insurance policy standard (PSAKBI),”

However, if the case of damage to the car by the owner, it sounds strange because the previous car was in the right condition. In fact, insurance claims are not necessarily accepted, if in the survey process found irregularities because in Garda Oto itself, the survey was conducted by internal parties in great detail.

“If the audit detail, it should detail. Because right related to be claimed or not. Usually, if the case is often the case, the individual workshop, due to ignorance of the consumer. Maybe the workshop wants to sell a head lamp for example, so that is claimed to scratch the body, but plus the damage to the lights, the consumer knows the car is in order, “he stressed.

Claim Collection
Meanwhile, this fraud case is actually very small in Garda Oto. Because the insurance company owned by Astra Group, has a learning system , which can read the strange patterns of events, and also the process of claims and surveys are carried out strictly.

“Hence, the survey of our own people, the photos also ditandain . But, that is quite common is also the collection of claims, from some occurrence of damage such as an accident. But right according the survey again, and we separate them, this submission can get how many claims,” he concluded .