How to choose the best travel insurance – Or maybe you thought yes, but you didn’t pay particular attention to your choice and you were satisfied with the first one you saw. Instead, every time you leave you must be sure that you have chosen the best travel insurance because each destination, as well as each trip, have different characteristics and needs may change from time to time. In this article, we help you make the right choice, which is not always the cheapest.

The destination and the type of travel

And yes, the country of destination is essential to choose the best insurance and feel safe. There are in fact some countries where it is mandatory to have health insurance , and this even before arriving. It happens, for example, in the aforementioned Russia where precisely in order to have an entry visa, the State requires a travel insurance Russia that can demonstrate the ability to take charge of any medical expenses or, if necessary, of a medical repatriation. The same thing for example also applies to China.

In addition, the best travel insurance also depends on the type of travel you are about to take. For example, if you know that you have to stay abroad for more than 3 months, you definitely need an insurance policy for travel with a long stay abroad. At the same time it is possible to customize the insurance according to the type of trip: work, study, but also to provide insurance that covers all types of accidents. What you should definitely think about if for example you have decided to climb Everest or to do bunjee jumping by jumping from the Macau Tower in China … Therefore, before choosing the country to visit, it is important to get informed and also to know what insurance includes travel.

What travel insurance covers

A travel insurance, as you may have already guessed, therefore covers the medical costs for accidents or illnesses arising during the trip and also gives (or at least should give) 24-hour health care .

These are the fundamental items, but it can also provide coverage in the event of loss of baggage, theft or in case of cancellation of the flight due to force majeure, as well as loss or theft of the smarthphone etc … Let’s see everything in detail.

Insurance for medical assistance and accidents

Worrying about your health while traveling, as we have seen, is fundamental and in some countries it may even be mandatory. To choose the best travel insurance that covers you in this sense, the medical expenses guarantee and the accident guarantee must be included .

The medical expenses guarantee covers you in the event of illnesses or accidents that occurred during the trip, allows you to obtain reimbursement of medical expenses incurred for hospitalization, surgery, pharmaceutical costs, etc.

If it were possible, however, it would be better to choose an insurance that offers direct payment of medical expenses on site as well as 24-hour assistance. This possibility, offered by large insurance groups, allows you not to find yourself in the unpleasant situation that you have to anticipate all expenses with money that maybe you don’t even have. Another important requirement is that the insurance can assist you 24 hours a day and that it can provide you with assistance in Italian both by the operations center and by the doctors.

Also make sure that such coverage is provided in case of terrorist attacks.
As for the accident guarantee, it must cover all the invalidity points that may derive from an accident, since it occurred during the trip and within a year including your trip as a passenger to move to the country you have chosen or from an area to other.

Insurance for lost or stolen baggage

Choosing the best insurance for you means protecting yourself even if your suitcase is lost, which, as we know, often happens, even when traveling in the same country, let alone for those who are intercontinental.

The best insurance for you, if you keep to this aspect, is the one that provides, in case of loss, theft or even damaged, the reimbursement of the cost of the baggage , in whole or in part, up to a maximum ceiling that varies by policy in policy and also based on the value of the baggage.

This guarantee can also be applied to valuables such as smartphones, tablets but also credit cards and know that it also covers the costs of managing the documents necessary for the trip as an identity document, visa and passport.

You can also choose a policy that provides a refund in case of delay in baggage delivery: some insurances foresee that if you exceed 12 hours before you return to possess your effects, the costs incurred for basic necessities must be reimbursed .

Travel cancellation or interruption insurance

The insurance can also intervene if the trip is canceled or interrupted due to early medical return or hospitalization of the insured person for a period of more than 10 days. Several policies provide for reimbursements in this sense if the trip is canceled due to conditions that were not foreseen at the time of signing the contract (in fact, this is a policy).

The policies can cover all travel expenses if you give up for unexpected events such as illness, accidents, hospitalization of insured persons or close relatives. They also cover any cancellation penalties related to purchased tickets, organized trips, tour operators, etc.

The insurance for long stay abroad

If you are thinking of staying abroad for more than 3 months – for study or work reasons – you are in the so-called “long stay”. Insurances cover this period as well as for stays abroad evaluate the possibility that a worker may find himself doing continuous trips, even monthly, if not weekly, for a few days abroad. In this case we recommend a multi-trip policy that lasts 365 days and allows you to avoid starting over every time you have to travel abroad to protect your rights.

The ceiling

In addition to what we told you to choose the best travel insurance, consider the ceiling, which is one of the things you need to pay attention to in particular. In practice, this is the maximum amount that the insurance company recognizes you in case of need. We talked about it about medical expenses, know that there are insurances that also have an unlimited ceiling – obviously far from cheap – but that you can consider if you want to feel as safe as possible.