GRID Review

GRID Review: Racing, Racing, Racing!

If you are a gamer and want to recommend a game to people who are really ordinary, what game would you choose? Of course it’s easy to recommend games that are currently popular like Mobile Legends, PUBG, PES, and so on. But if you want to recommend a racing game , maybe GRID can be the title you can choose.

Produced by Codemasters racing game specialists , the fourth game in the Race Driver GRID series is rebooted and returns to its original roots. What is this latest GRID racing game like ?

1. Fight tough teams

In GRID, you can choose one of the many race branches that can be taken to reach the final of the GRID World Series competition. You can freely jump between branches of the race, whether it’s a touring race , GT, tuner, and others.

The money earned from racing can be used to buy new cars and recruit teammates who will join the race and help you on the circuit. Each car purchased can be customized with various livery designs and colors.

In GRID, there are several teams that you can challenge, including the Ravenwest team which is always a kind of “final boss” in every GRID game . But besides them, there is also an FA Racing team consisting of tough esports racers and led by Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso.

2. Every bend is challenging

RID is an arcade racing game, but that doesn’t mean controlling every car case is easy. Every car will react quite reasonably, for example when stepping on deep gas in low gear has the potential to make the car twist easier.

The car is easy to control when turning, but this ease is balanced with road conditions. You can feel the smoothness of the road surface from smooth asphalt to the roughness of the gravel pit. Road contours are created realistically so that you can feel the tires of the car rub against the sidewalk walls and make the car a bit difficult to turn.

If you make a mistake, you can use the Flashback feature to rewind your time and repeat it in the hard part.

3. Dynamic and reactive AI

AI is one of the features that is featured in the GRID game. Codemasters prepare hundreds of AI characters with different properties and behaviors. In- game scripting system makes every race result feels different and dynamic. As difficult as any AI, this system ensures that AI can also make mistakes that you can later use to steal positions.

Although in theory the system is quite interesting, in practice scripting is sometimes rather forced. On one or two occasions, AI cars can roll over suddenly for no apparent reason. There are also cases where a car is stuck in the middle of the road in an unreasonable position. If you’re not careful, you could get into an accident.

Besides making mistakes, AI can also react to your actions on the circuit. If you race roughly, the AI ​​will enter Nemesis Mode. Nemesis will act more aggressively and will try to push you off the road. Nemesis Mode can also happen to your teammates if they are abused. If so, he will not obey your command to attack or defend.

4. Need more content!

GRID presents a very straightforward race experience Choose the type of race, choose the car, and you can race directly. But unfortunately, the practicality and preoccupation of GRID gameplay must be limited by the number of cars and circuits that are relatively small. Half of cars and circuits are content from old GRID games .

Codemasters will overcome the lack of content by releasing updates and DLC on a regular and scheduled basis. However, it takes a long time before we can get to the point where GRID will have enough content and there can be many gamers who are tired of waiting in the middle.

But if for you that doesn’t matter, then GRID is a solid recommendation. Some games often include cool features and gimmicks , and at the same time forget about the most important core gameplay . GRID is an example where core gameplay takes precedence. Take your joystick and immediately play GRID!

You can play GRID on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

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