OverDrive City: Feel the Real Automotive City Sensation

OverDrive City – Simulation games are endless to discuss. We have made many articles about simulation games, but there is another unique game where we can make a city to make automotive as the main hype in the city. So we can make a famous car manufacturing such as Porsche, Ford, BMW etc. and build it for commercial cars or become a racing car.

If only the race might be the same game as Need For Speed, Asphalt, Real Racing etc., but what if we not only build the car but also build the city into an automotive crazy city where every corner of the city we place a racing place, spare parts shop, to manufacturing raw materials for making a car and much more .. ?? It must be fun right? And Many More game slot online

Automotive enthusiasts will certainly be interested in this game where we are free to express our style in the car and we can show it off in the city show room. With 50 car models from well-known brands certainly makes you not bored to modify a car. 

For simulation games it doesn’t really need a high specification smartphone, but make no mistake the visual of this game is enough to amaze! The disadvantage of this simulation game is that it has a large enough storage capacity so make sure when you install this game you have enough storage.

Honestly I am very interested in this game because it offers a unique concept, if you are also curious about this game you can also pre-register here . That’s our brief review of this OverDrive City game, hopefully it’s useful, if there is a game that you want to discuss, just comment right in the column provided.